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About Us was founded to help consumers make intelligent well informed decisions about their everyday lives. From smarter purchases to more critical life decisions, gives it to you straight without any of the corporate hype. Our mission is to provide our readers with an educational forum designed to train consumers to develop the habits that will give them the most bang for their buck. also helps you take concrete actions to reduce your cost of living and improve the quality of your life.

Omie Ismail, CEO: An internet veteran with more than 12 years of software and content experience. Prior to founding, Omie was the CEO of eCivis Inc., a company he grew from concept to the number one provider of grants management and information software for governments and nonprofits nationwide. For decades, Omie has been a guide to family, friends, colleagues and others who wanted advice on Living the Good Life CheaplyTM and making better life decisions. With, his sage advice will reach a wider audience.


Best Cheap Deal: After a tense negotiation session, I drove out of the dealership at 9PM on the last day of the quarter - cell phone at the ready. We get 10 miles away and the phone rings, 'Mr. Ismail, we'll do the $15,900' My wife looks at me in disbelief - they were asking $24,000. I flash her back my Cool Hand Luke smile.


Best Life Decision: I got my MBA from UCLA and chose it over several excellent private schools. California was offering "in state" tuition for the second year which put my total cost at $30K, but then each year they decide to give me an extra $3K off just because.....

I spent all my life in cold cloudy places and these guys were giving me a great education at half the price and letting me do it in the sunshine. When it's 80 degrees in January and you've got an extra 30K in your pocket, you know you've done something right."



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