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Living Cheap: A Guide for Beginners E-mail
Written by Omie Ismail   

Not Born Cheap? Mom and dad didn’t instill it in your formative years? If you aren’t cheap but wish you were, read this primer. And if you’re already cheap, but want to get better at it, read on.

Let’s get started by first defining the word cheap. The Merriam Webster dictionary definition of cheap:

1) Noun: at minimum expense (Middle English before the 12th Century) and
2) Adjective: purchasable below the going price or real value (English – 1509).

Sounds good to me. So when I extend you an invitation to live cheap, all I really want is for you to live your life at the minimum expense by making smart life decisions and by purchasing things below the going price. I’m not out to convince you that you should stop going out to dinner or skip taking vacations for the next 20 years. And I’m certainly not going to advise you to go diving in a dumpster for recyclables or trade in your car for a bus pass.

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