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5 Smart Ways to Cut Your Health Care Costs - Price Shopping Print E-mail
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Health - Well Being
Written by Omie Ismail   
Monday, 17 May 2010 04:07
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5 Smart Ways to Cut Your Health Care Costs
Price Shopping
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Price Shopping

It's odd that so few people compare the prices of procedures with different doctors. This is probably due to the fact that procedure costs used to be secretive. But many hospitals and doctors are more forthcoming with the estimates for common procedures. Just call the doctors office with the specific procedure and your insurance information and tell them that you want an estimate of the cost. When you have two or three good estimates, approach the doctor that you are comfortable with and let him know that you have a lower price (if that is the case) from a competing hospital or doctor. Remember these are businesses and you may be able to save yourself hundreds if not thousands by shopping around.

Head Out of State or Overseas

If you have a heart attack or get hit by a bus, you won't be price shopping your options. But if you know you'll need a procedure in advance, you can head to a hospital in a lower cost state or for radical savings, head overseas. If it's not an emergency procedure or critical surgery, overseas may be your only viable option. Whether you are considering a hair transplant, plastic surgery, a knee transplant or even nursing homes - health care has vastly improved in lower cost countries such as Thailand, Argentina, and Costa Rica where the dollar still goes a long way. Doctors cater to foreign "health tourists" in world class hospitals that will charge you a fraction of the normal room rate. If you're not brave enough to head overseas, consider a quality domestic hospital in a lower cost location.


Of course, one of the best ways to save on health care costs is keeping yourself fit all life long. That $250 a year for the gym membership may be the cheapest health care cost of all.


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