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How do I Get Rich in Less Than 15 Years Print E-mail
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Personal Finance - Retirement

The general drift of our mission at is to help you live cheap by saving a buck here or a thousand bucks there. It's not the most glamorous stuff, but it works. But let's say you're the 5 jobs that Will Make You Millions in Less than 15 Yearsimpatient type who wants to get wealthy fast and can't be bothered spending the next thirty or forty years saving and investing in stocks and real estate.  We're talking about getting on the fast track towards seven figure wealth in 10 to 15 years, or even faster. If you're a basketball player or a stunningly beautiful actress, it shouldn't be too difficult and the only real advice you need is to not piss it all away. But, for the rest of us - the physically ungifted - it takes a bit more of an effort to get to the magic millions and get there fast.  So if you want to know "How do I get rich," read on.

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12 Ways to Determine if You're Still Middle Class Print E-mail
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Personal Finance - Retirement
Written by Ahmed Amr   
Wednesday, 11 August 2010 03:05

We get the occasional complaint from readers who think that our content is not pertinent for the ‘average’ American. In our defense, we don’t have a clue what average American means and if you know his or her name and address - please send it our way because we’d like to invite him middle-classover for an interview. It’s fair to assume however, that the average American is middle class. That’s a very vague social and economic designation but it’s a label most Americans are comfortable with. We have millionaires that consider themselves Middle Class being waited on by minimum wage workers who also identify themselves as Middle Class. It’s all very confusing and the term has lost whatever meaning it was supposed to have. In the U.K. the vast majority of people that we consider Middle Class would be considered "Working Class". We're fantastic marketers in the U.S. hell bent on making everyone feel good.

Being middle class has always been a state of mind more than anything else. People are now middle class by a process of elimination. If you’re not poor or destitute and if you’re not rich, you’re supposedly middle class. So, we’ve come up with a way to determine if you’re still eligible for the middle class label. If you’re not something else, you’re Middle Class. Read these 12 points of elimination to see if you still qualify as "Middle Class".

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Houston, We Have a...Population Problem Print E-mail
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Personal Finance - Retirement
Written by Omie Ismail   
Wednesday, 02 June 2010 03:40
While most people fret over the notion of world overpopulation, count me as a contrarian. I'm worried that our population isn’t growing fast enough. It’s not that I’m eager to have more population_growthpeople on the highways or see endless sprawling suburbs. I don’t really want to wait more than an hour to enter a National Park or spend 20 minutes looking for a spot to sit on the beach. And I know it would be better for our planet if we as a species just stopped our relentless expansion. It's not that I love crowds, I'm just coming to grips with the potential consequences of a smaller population growth rate.
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5 Things to Give Up and Put a Million Bucks in Your Pocket Print E-mail
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Personal Finance - Retirement
Written by Omie Ismail   
Thursday, 20 May 2010 03:13

Many people will tell you that little things don't matter. "Focus on the big things and the rest will taStarbuckske care of itself." That logic is partly true, but we have more control over the little things than whether we get a 10% annual raise for the next two decades or whether our house values triple in the next 25 years. The little things do add up and you might be surprised by how much. Giving up these 5 things might be easy or really tough; but if you're spending money on them or an equivalent substitute, a successful effort to give them up might add a cool million to your brokerage account in about 25 years.

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10 Smart Downsizing Measures For Retirement Print E-mail
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Personal Finance - Retirement
Written by the frugal nomad   
Thursday, 06 May 2010 03:17
The Great Recession has thrown many lives off balance and for those who have experienced drastic declines in their wealth or a major drop in household income - now might be the time to contemplate a simpler leaner retirement life-style.

Dump The CarThe old formula was that retired individuals were immediately obliged to adjust to a forty percent drop in their income. The recession, the erosion of so much paper wealth and the absence of defined pension plans will see many seniors retire on much less. Economist expect that half of the retiring baby boomers will be left with nothing more than a social security check and whatever little they’ve managed to squirrel away. And if you look at the stats, they’re not very encouraging. If some projections are right, half of the Baby Boomers will be retiring with less than a $50,000 net worth. If you're retiring with anything less than $300,000, here are some ideas on how you can drastically cut your expenditures in retirement.

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