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How do I Get Rich in Less Than 15 Years
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Sales: If there is one truth in compensation, it is that companies will be very generous with employees that consistently close deals and haul in the money - and that usually means the salesmen.  While the best programmers might get 25% higher than average pay, the best sales people can earn 500% more than average.  The ability to sell is the great equalizer that confounds even the most tenured manager.  Great salespeople have very different backgrounds: the highly educated and the high school dropout, the good looking and well.... the not so good looking, the pushy types and the cerebral solution finders, the shmoozers and the play the numbers guys.  The core ability of great salespeople is that they consistently find ways to get deals done and they always meet and exceed their quotas.  How they do it varies significantly, but above all else, salespeople are tenacious.  To become a top notch salesperson, migrate to the right company in the right industry and you can easily clear half a million a year.  The best can pull in seven figures once they get established.

The downside: spending 70% of your life on the road, cold calling, constant rejection, starting at zero every quarter, limited status in the Company, changing compensation plans, intense pressure to achieve and beat quotas, getting stuck selling a poor product, a highly variable compensation package that can plunge during a recession.


Nobody said getting rich fast was going to be easy.  Most of these jobs demand the equivalent effort of two or more full time jobs.  If none of these sound right for you and you can't sing worth a damn or dunk from the free throw line, then you'll have to hammer out your wealth over 30 or 40 years by living cheap and saving your money.  While it may not be as interesting as some of these jobs, it's a far more reliable way of getting there.

Have more jobs that can make you wealthy in less than 15 years?  Add them to the comments.

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