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Personal Finance - Retirement
Written by the frugal nomad   
Thursday, 06 May 2010 03:17
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10 Smart Downsizing Measures For Retirement
The Peace Corps?
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5. Take Advantage Public Libraries and Senior Centers

It’s amazing how a library can enrich your life. Scout for free services and social activities for seniors and utilize the Internet for all your communications needs. If you like it enough, get yourself a part time job. It won't pay much but you'll have some extra income and become far more educated in the process. If your city has Ballet or an Opera house, volunteer to be an usher and you'll get to see the show for free.

6. Move in with the Kids or Vice-Versa

That's what most families did in the good old days. While this ancient social arrangement has long been abandoned by many Americans, the Great Recession is reviving its popularity. Many families stuck with big houses are now having a hard time making their mortgage. And with cash tight, few parents can afford babysitters or a night out on the town. Your kids may be more receptive to this idea than you think and it doesn't hurt to explore it. A mother-in-law apartment or a separate unit works really well when you decide to go this route. Of course, it might just be that you have Boomerang kids that are 40 years old and need to move in with you. That works just as well.

7. Eliminate Your Expenses Altogether: The Peace Corps

The Peace Corps isn’t just for kids out of college – they encourage older applicants. So it’s actually a great way for retired folks to see the world, give back a little and stretch their income. It also helps that the compensation includes an excellent health insurance package. Retirement can be boring, but the Peace Corps is anything but. If you don't have a home, you'll be able to sock away your Social Security so that when you are done, you'll have a nice little nest egg. In addition to the Peace Corps there are many other non-profits that could use your help.

And three more suggestions:

8. Make some hard lean choices for your phone, cable and internet connections. This article covers how to get all three at the lowest possible price.


9. Coupons - Coupons - Coupons - there is so much literature out there on how to become a master clipper. With very few exceptions - you can buy almost any food item on discount or special offer. Start by weaning yourself from branded products and go from there.


10. Learn everything you need to know about special discounts for seniors. Whether it’s a monthly bus pass, lower property taxes, lower utility bills, movie matinees, early bird specials or discounted annual passes to the Zoo - get up to speed as quickly as possible. Definitely join AARP - not only for membership privileges such as travel bargains but for some really good advice for everything from health insurance to retirement homes.


So, even if you haven’t hoarded away a million dollars or more, with a few radical changes to your lifestyle - you won't need gold to enjoy some splendid golden years.

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