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Personal Finance - Education
Written by livecheap staff   
Monday, 16 August 2010 03:15

Here's Today's best articles on the web:

  • The 7 Biggest Money Problems Most People Have
  • Mortgages: How to Pay Less
  • Packing for College 2010 Style
  • 9 Financial Tips for New Graduates

The 7 Biggest Money Problems Most People Have

These problems will keep you from being financially successful. You've heard about these before, but nothing like hearing them again.  Everything from buying more house than you can afford to paying too much for college.  None of them on their own are likely too upend your efforts, but collectively....

Mortgages: How to Pay Less

Smaller mortgage brokers and regional banks are being forced to beat the big national banks on mortgage pricing. Using the web, you can identify them and save a bundle over the long haul.

Packing for College, 2010 Style

Before sending your kids to college, there's more to do than just buying them that small fridge.  This article gives you the skinny on what you need to do.

9 Financial Tips for New Graduates

In your 20s? just graduated? Here's some personal finance tips made just for you.  Everything from what you shouldn't be doing with credit to what you should do on your student loans.

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