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Written by Karl Wolf   
Thursday, 01 April 2010 03:00
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7 Telltale Signs That Your Neighbors Are Broke
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Are they broke? Nobody in your family likes to talk about it and it's definitely not neighborly to bring the subject up imcmansionf the neighbors don't. Even so, you can't help wonder how the Joneses managed to build their McMansion and put a Mercedes and a Jaguar in the driveway. If you want to know whether they have been bitten hard by the Great Recession or are maxed out on their debt, here's 7 telltale signs to look for.

The Grass Doesn't Lie:

As the Spring turns to Summer, you'll notice that the neighbor's lawn has a new color - a light shade of brown. Water is downright expensive in many places and when money is tight, the sprinklers get turned off. If you live where mother nature provides plenty from above, look for lawns that resHighGrassemble a Southeast Asian jungle as the telltale sign. When people don't have any cash, the mowing service gets cancelled and the grass starts reaching for the moon.


Bye-Bye Bercedes-Benz!

You raised an eyebrow when your neighbor brought home that shiny S class Mercedes, or was it a Cadillac sedan? Either way, you suspected that it was leased. When they pull into their driveway with a used 1999 Kia Sephia, your suspicions will be confirmed. This one is worthy of the question to your neighbor, "So what happened to the Cadillac?" If the answer includes something about "being green" or "wanting a commuter car", smile and nod your head and give them a pat on the back for learning the virtues of living cheap. Better late than never.

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