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Written by the frugal grandma   
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 00:10
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Save with Online Grocery Shopping
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I love shopping online for groceries.  Sure, it helps me since I am not as mobile as I used to be but there are some real benefits to online grocery shopping for people of any age.  Younger people today have hectic schedules and online shopping helps you cut down on an hour trip to the store.  In addition, if you are heading far to go to one of the discount stores, you'll save on gas, which has been pretty darn expensive lately.  You can opt for at home delivery or pickup at the store itself if you want to save the delivery fees.

The fees charged are reasonable especially if you are getting a bigger order and value your time.  Every 5th order for me is free, so it really isn't that bad. Unlike going to the big warehouse stores, you can find a nearby online grocery.  I my case, I shop online at Shop Rite which is close to my house.  It doesn't take them very long to deliver it because they are so close.

The biggest reason why you save when you shop online for groceries is simple, you aren't tempted by any of those impulse buys.  You know the pint of Ben & Jerry's that your hips really don't need but seems to always slip into your basket.  Or maybe the smell of that fresh pumpkin pie.  Those impulse buys really add up.  When you shop online, you can control the amount you spend and if the total is too high, you can just use the delete button.  Far easier than telling the clerk that you really don't want the Ben & Jerry's at the checkout.

Let's face it, its hard to stumble around the store with a box of coupons trying to match everything up.  Online, its really very simple. You start with your coupons and you search for the matching products.  If the store has their own coupons, you can apply them instantly.   I don't know about you but running around a store with 2 or 3 kids while you are trying to match up coupons just isn't viable for most women.  Maybe the men should try that sometime if they feel that they are up to it. In my case, coupons are credited to my next purchase since they collect them when they deliver.  A real bonus is that sometimes the store gives me an item for free as I am a regular customer.

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