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Written by Cheapo Momma   

Rice: 3 billion plus people can’t be wrong – buy it in 50 lb bags

Pasta: It was good in college, its great when you know how to make good sauce

Peanut Butter: Kids and college students have energized themselves for years

Potatoes: All carbs straight from the ground

Canned Vegetables: They keep (almost) forever

Pasta Sauce: Good on pasta and as a seasoning

Oatmeal: Sure you need sugar or honey, but it's good for you

Crackers: Saltines are fading, but dozens of varieties keep them interesting

Dry Cereal: The hurried breakfast or the weight loss dinner

Soup: Nothing beats it on a cold winter's day

Stock up on these items and you'll end up saving a bundle in the long run. Got a few of your own top 10, add them in the comments section.

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