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Written by Ahmed Amr   
Tuesday, 01 June 2010 04:45

If you haven’t heard, there’s a grocery store war going on which makes this a great time to become a war profiteer. We’d like to suggest you get your guerrilla manuals out and engage in a layslittle hand to mouth combat. The big aggressor in this conflict is Wal-Mart. They’re claiming that price cuts on nearly 2,000 items will save the average shopper $28/Week. That works out to almost $1,500 a year and it’s a good place to start. But you don't have to head to Wal-mart to get ridiculous deals unheard of even a year ago. Target, Kroger, and Safeway are slashing their prices in response.  Here are some of the craziest deals.


40 ounce bottles of Heinz Ketchup for a buck. A buck? At that price, stock up the pantry for a solid year and plan on serving up hamburgers. Wal-Mart has this deal, but look to Target and your local grocer to have similar prices especially if Wal-Mart is in the neighborhood.

Canned Soda:

Gone are the days of $7 cases of name brand soda. The sugar and caffeine guys are pulling out all the stops breaking the $4 barrier at Wal-Mart and Target for a case of Coke. At $4 you are paying 17 cents a can. Wal-Mart goes all the way down to $3.77 in some markets.  Outrageously cheap. Of course it is just sugar and water and a little flavor. Strange thing: in many cases, soda in cans is now cheaper than in a 2 liter bottle. The discounts on 2 liters are not nearly as good -- about 20 cents a can equivalent.


$4 to $5 used to be the norm for a good sized box. Today, you can routinely see boxes of cereal from Post, General Mills, and Kellog's going for $1.25 to $1.50 a box. 10 cents a serving plus the cost of milk to feed your kids (or yourself). Look to the major supermarkets like Safeway or Kroger for the best deals when you buy in bulk.

Potato Chips:

The chip price wars continue with standard size bags going for $1.50 to $2.00. You local supermarket chain probably has the best deals. Another one to stock up on and store in a cool dry place.

Prepared Salads:

Finally, something healthy. Those overpriced 10 ounce packages of cut up salad have finally started falling back to earth. I never understood why a head of lettuce was $1.50 and they could charge $4.00 for cutting it up. Laziness I guess. Well, look for 2 for 1 specials and price cuts that will get these under $2 and make the lazy surcharge that much less.

Fruits and Veggies

As we noted in our last point, most of the stuff that is on sale isn't that healthy. What is a smart inexpensive during the summer is produce that is in season and local. Summer ushers in great deals on strawberries, corn, watermelons, and a whole host of other fruits and vegetables. Some of these freeze well and can be safely stored for months. So when you see a deal like, 6 ears of corn for a buck, it's time to stock up.


Now one store won't give you the best prices on everything so here are two strategies. Shop a few stores and snag their loss leaders or go to one store and conduct go on a price matching mission. Just be organized and have all your prices clearly listed. The cashier may cringe as you approach with your detailed price list, but you'll save both on the gas and on the groceries.

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bsigil  - Cases of soda |2010-06-12 11:17:41
I don't know where you live, but cases of soda are still regularly found for $6+. Recently, Walmart has started selling cases of Coke and Pepsi products for $5 and half-cases of Dr. Pepper for $2.50. A deal it may be but it's still well above the "$4 barrier".
Omiewon  - Los Angeles Metro |2010-06-12 12:37:11
I can report from a major metro that the lowest prices that I am seeing here are $2.19 for 12 cans. So $4.40 for a case, but I don't shop at Walmart, these are just supermarket prices. Price have definitely gone down though, we used to pay $3.50 for 12 cans when it was on a good sale.
docsmom |2011-01-06 13:23:39
You also have other options than soda. I live in the south, land of iced tea. It doesn't have to be sickly sweet to be good, and we often prepare it with no sugar at all, but we add a couple of bags of mint tea to it for a nice taste. It' much cheaper (and healthier) than soda, and we keep it on hand at all times. We've cut our soda consumption in half because of this practice.

Now, if you don't like cold tea, and some people don't, try lemonade mix, or one of the powered fruit punches. Don't be a slave to advertising and other cultural influences - pick what YOU want to drink - at a reasonable cost!
haverwench  - A few more pointers |2010-06-06 03:53:53
About those deals on cereal: check the size of the box. $1.50 a box may seem cheap, but not if it's an 8.9-ounce box. The denser cereals, like shredded wheat and raisin bran, are usually cheaper by the ounce. I won't buy cereal unless it's 10 cents an ounce or less, which is easy to calculate (just multiply the number of ounces in the box by 10 to get the maximum acceptable price).

Deals on fruits and veggies may be a little less common, but they are out there. Buying by the bag is often a good strategy. This week our local Pathmark offered big bags of produce (10 pounds of potatoes, 5 pounds of apples) for $2.99. That makes the potatoes 30 cents a pound, the apples 60 cents a pound, and green peppers a little less than a dollar a pound. The one thing we can't seem to find cheap these days is onions.

The easiest way to look for deals is to check the supermarket fliers that come in the mail. I scan these every week as soon as they arrive, and when I find several good deals at any one store, we make a sortie (to continue the military metaphor). It's a little more work than shopping at the nearest store all the time, but the savings are worth it.
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