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Written by LiveCheap Staff   
Monday, 14 June 2010 04:00
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Cheap Champs Expose 6 More Shrinking Products
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As much effort as we put in researching our articles, the best tips often come from loyal subscribers. Take our article Groceries - 9 Foods That Are Shrinking; if we were writing it Shrinking_Toilet_Papertoday, we’d have to up the number and change the title because of the valuable feedback from our readers. Thanks to their input, we have identified another six products that have shrunk. We will continue to grow this list and expose the companies that are cheating consumers by downsizing their products. We want to thank our Cheap Champs for sharing the info.

1. Quilted Northern Toilet Paper - is nothing sacred? (Jason)

“Quilted Northern toilet paper pulled a dirty little trick. Instead of less sheets on a roll, they narrowed the whole roll. They can still say it's got the same number of sheets and is the same "length" as the old rolls, but the overall square footage is lower. I noticed when I replaced an old roll and it seemed too small for the holder. I compared the cardboard rolls and the new ones are about 1/2" thinner (lengthwise).”

Our note: Seems like a dangerous area to start cutting corners. We really appreciate the full width stuff.


2. Outing the Girl Scouts (JN)

“Take a look at Girl Scout Cookies... it's shocking - not only has the packaging shrunk and the cookie shrunk, but the cookies dont even go to the top of the box and it's still apparently 25 cents more expensive.”

Our note: Amazed that yours have only gone up by 25 cents. In our area, the cookies are fetching $4 a box and yes, they are obviously smaller. We also noticed that they don't seem to taste as good as they used to. Lower quality ingredients?

3. Azteca Paper Thin Flour Tortilla Shells (Ronnie J)

“They's so thin now my burrito's see through.”

Our note: Yup, sometimes there so thin that they won't hold the meat inside the burrito. One other thing of note: sometimes they aren't cooked all the way. They basically are "doughy" in the middle.

4. Boston Market's To Go Lite (Kenman)

Ever notice the to-go containers used in serving side items at Chik-fil-a & Boston Market are pressed up in the middle? (By a LOT!) Makes the container look as if your getting as much as you used to. Flip it over (with the lid secure of course)to see how much volume they cut out of the portion. Just another rip-off from restaurants.

Our note: Maybe they found the same container maker as Arrowhead Spring Water.

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Kelley  - soap |2010-08-12 08:16:40
I've noticed laundry soap seems to be shrinking as well. Liquid or powder--soen't matter. I'd buy the 64 oz. liquid (I do a TON of laundry a week here) and noticed recently that the soap didn't seem to last as long. 59 oz. is what my favorite brand was marked, but the bottle was the same size. I noticed sugar went from 5 lbs. down to 4 in the mid-80s, then my coffee shrank, then the canned foods. Won't be too much longer before the pound bags of beans and rices will be shrunk as well. It wouldn't be so bad if the prices shrank, too.
Ducklady  - The trouble with capitalism |2010-06-16 12:39:39
In my lifetime I have seen a growing corruption on the part of major corporations. Or, as I tell my sweetie all the time, "We're prey animals to these people."

Life as prey when you're not biologically wired for it is exhausting. I try to buy as little as possible from anyone I don't know. I now buy most of our food locally from people I know. It takes a bit more effort but it well worth it. In a smaller community word gets around fast and shady vendors simply do not last.
docsmom  - life as prey animal |2010-10-11 15:58:37
There's another reason to worry along this line (yeah - we don't have ENOUGH to worry about, do we?).

I won't go political here, but I will make the comment that corporations engage in this type behavior when nobody's watching them....

But the real reason I'm writing is that we now may all be purchasing genetically engineered foods without realizing it. I'm not talking about rather benign engineering like selecting for bigger ears of corn, or more milk (yeah they tinker with animals too), but more serious matters like including a gene that produces substances to kill bugs....... without anybody having done the research necessary to know if the same stuff will eventually kill US. Yup, pesticides IN your food, not on it.

Get a recent copy of Mother Earth News, they talk about it in depth.

We're not just talking about corn here, but also cucumbers, strawberries, brocolli (BROCOLLI??????) and others.

Buyer beware.

Ann  - Salt |2010-06-14 11:05:51
Aside from the container size at Boston Market, the amount of salt they use could melt the snow in Maine in January.
Karen Isaacson  - Another one that's been shrunk... |2010-06-14 07:43:24
Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce; can was 16 oz, is now only 14. Doesn't taste as good, either, but when I wrote and complained, they sent me...two coupons for the product.
Omiewon |2010-06-14 08:44:57
Unhappy customer, check box a, send coupons, job done. That's how companies run. They feel like they have answered your complaint by giving you something free eventhough they haven't addressed the core issue.
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