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Written by livecheap staff   
Thursday, 08 July 2010 03:13
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Buy Cheap Groceries: 7 Ways
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5. Avoid Grocery Spoilage

Saving money just doesn' happen in the grocery store. If you load up on a bunch of cheap deals and save 30% and turn around and have 30% food spoilage, you've saved nothing. Buying in bulk has its downside. That 20 pound pickle jar seemed like a good deal in Costco, but 6 months later, they don't taste so good when you're only 1/3rd done. Buy what you’re going to eat and store it properly. It's fine if you buy in bulk but buy those things that last and make sure you do a weekly inventory and plan your meals to use everything that you have.

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6. Stock Up When Cheap

Going too lean on your food supply can backfire hugely. If the fridge is empty you might end up paying $50 to go out to dinner...enough for most families to eat for a few days. Your greatest asset is your pantry - use it and stock it with ingredients that are easy to fix and take a long time to spoil. 2 billion people live on little more than rice and so can your family along with a host of other low cost and healthy foods. Think canned goods, grains, and boxed treats.  Buying groceries cheap, stock up, and don't run out.

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7. Read Grocery Ingredients

Make sure what you are buying is the real deal. If you think you are buying maple syrup and end up soaking your panakes with corn syrup flavored with a "touch" of maple, you're getting ripped off. Same thing for fake juices with fancy names. Food manufacturers are masters of sleight of hand when it comes to what's really in the package. Read the ingredients and you and your family will thank you for it. If you don't trust the manufacturer or understand the ingredients, don't buy the product.

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By following these lessons, you'll buy groceries cheaper.  Some people manage to cut their grocery bills in half without giving up a single calorie.  Just try it for a month and come back to us for more ways to cut down the cost of the food on your table. Bon appetit.


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