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Written by Cheapo Momma   
Thursday, 22 October 2009 19:23
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Dining Out: Five Meals That Will Feed Your Family Twice
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Although these are tough times, everyone likes to go out and have a decent meal with the family, especially if you can pay less than $30.  Sure you could find that coupon in the money mailer or use a gift card, but some meals are just cheaper than others especially when they can feed your family twice.  Consider these meals when you dine out and they'll even fill your family up the next day too!

Chinese: A good inexpensive Chinese takeout place is a must.  We have one nearby that for $25 (cash only, of course), you can get three entrees and a large white rice.  And it is some of the best Chinese food in town at any price.  Portion size is huge and unless there are two other families joining us, it makes for lunch and dinner the next day.  Helpful hint:  Get the rice cooker going the next day and make some fresh rice, it will only cost you about $0.25.  Most Chinese food tastes decent from the microwave, but if you have a wok or deep pan, fire it up with a little oil.

Pizza: Undeniably the King of Cheap eats.  In many places, you can snag a large tasty pizza loaded with toppings for under $10.  Most places have specials with lots of toppings which equals a full stomach for no more than a three-topping pizza.  Look for coupons and deals where the second one is half off or costs as little as $5.  An extra pizza can feed the family for several lunches.  When you get home, put it in a plastic container or bag(s).  The key here is reheating the pizza.  Avoid the microwave unless you are a college dorm student.  You need to get the oven to about 400 degrees and put it right on the rack (and out of the plastic, of course).  The crust will be crispy and the toppings hot.  If you can snag two x-large pizzas for $20, you are talking about $1 a serving.  If you live in Chicago and have Deep Dish, it will cost you more, but you'll be eating for a week.  Seriously.

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