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Whether you want to cut your grocery bill or save on eating out, we’ll show you how.

Luxury Eats on the Cheap Print E-mail
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Food - Restaurants
Written by Eric "El Cheapo"   
Thursday, 22 October 2009 10:37

I love great food.  Mostly, I eat the cheap stuff, but sometimes, my wife and I feel like splurging a little on a first cabin restaurant.  In these uncertain times, most couples have a hard time justifying the need for a $200 steak dinner at that quaint French Restaurant where the house wine alone sets you back an additional $100. The best restaurants don't put coupons in the mail or offer discounted gift cards.  But you can still head out to your favorite high end restaurant and cut your bill in half by using these 10 tips:

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Walmart Revisited Print E-mail
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Food - Groceries
Written by Cheapo Momma   
Thursday, 22 October 2009 00:00

Although I am a pretty cheap lady, there's one place that I don't shop: Walmart.  I tried to shop there 6 or 7 years ago when I was looking for cheaper diapers and formula.  But I was annoyed at the empty shelves and crowded aisles and Target just seemed to be a much better store. But, I was looking to cut some of my expenses, so I thought I would give Walmart another shot.

In order to avoid the crowds, I got there before 10 am on a Sunday morning.  A half empty parking lot greeted me and I sailed into a spot a mere 200 feet from the front door.  So far so good.  As I entered the store I saw the patriotic American flag which I inwardly chuckled thinking that it must be Made in China.

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Quick Tip: 10 Cheap Foods for your Pantry Print E-mail
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Food - Groceries
Written by Cheapo Momma   

Rice: 3 billion plus people can’t be wrong – buy it in 50 lb bags

Pasta: It was good in college, its great when you know how to make good sauce

Peanut Butter: Kids and college students have energized themselves for years

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Cheap Groceries: Save Big Without Coupons Print E-mail
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Food - Groceries

Too busy to clip coupons? Wouldn't it be nice if you could just find those extra couple of hours? Say one hour to clip and an extra two hours in the store trying to match up the coupons with what's on sale. But many of us simply don't have any time to spare.  Does that mean we are doomed to high prices?  Nope.  You can buy cheap groceries without using manufacturers coupons.

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Food - Restaurants
Written by Cheapo Momma   
Friday, 02 October 2009 12:59

These days, the economy being what it is, my husband and I don't have tons of spare cash to squander on full fare dinner tabs. So there's nothing I love more than getting a good deal on dining out. Anytime we get turned on to a good deal at a modest restaurant, we never hesitate to cancel our Saturday night reservations ast McDonald's.

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