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Whether you want to cut your grocery bill or save on eating out, we’ll show you how.

Buy Cheap Groceries: 7 Ways Print E-mail
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Food - Groceries
Written by livecheap staff   
Thursday, 08 July 2010 03:13

There’s nothing wrong with picking up a tip here or there on how to buy cheap groceries.  It’s all good and every little bit helps. But it's summer time and we'd like to extend you an invitation to attend our buy chStarkist5ozeap grocery training camp. If you make it through this rigorous training session, you should end up with an extra hundred or two in your pocket a month - every month. Many of you have already completed a good part of this course and you’re buffed up and good to go. But even some of our veteran cheapsters might learn a thing or two to hone up on their grocery saving skills. Here's 7 lessons to get cheap groceries:

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Ice Cream: The Airy Little Secret Print E-mail
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Food - Groceries
Written by Ahmed Amr   
Monday, 21 June 2010 04:40

Not all ice cream is created equal. Aside from the ice cream's flavor and a myriad of mix ins from Haagen_Dazspeanut butter cups to cookie dough, there is one ingredient that you will find in every tub of ice cream - air. There are legitimate reasons for manufacturers to pump air into ice cream. For instance, it gives it a lighter texture. But, the problem is, you’ll never see a label that tells you exactly how much air you’re paying for.  With some brands, you might be surprised how little ice cream you are actually getting.

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Cheap Champs Expose 6 More Shrinking Products Print E-mail
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Food - Groceries
Written by LiveCheap Staff   
Monday, 14 June 2010 04:00

As much effort as we put in researching our articles, the best tips often come from loyal subscribers. Take our article Groceries - 9 Foods That Are Shrinking; if we were writing it Shrinking_Toilet_Papertoday, we’d have to up the number and change the title because of the valuable feedback from our readers. Thanks to their input, we have identified another six products that have shrunk. We will continue to grow this list and expose the companies that are cheating consumers by downsizing their products. We want to thank our Cheap Champs for sharing the info.

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7 Lessons From a 66 Year Old Restaurant Menu Print E-mail
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Food - Restaurants
Written by Omie Ismail   
Friday, 11 June 2010 03:32

The year was 1943. The Second World War was raging in the Pacific and Europe and the Zoot Suit Riots were pitting soldiers against Latinos in Los Angeles. The atom bomb was still on the drawing board and it was 5 years before the first McDonald's opened. You could grab a hamburger from a good restaurant for 40 cents and get somMenu_1943Re curly fries for another 20. A Coke? That'll cost you another dime, mister. For a little more than a dollar you could substitute a steak for the hamburger and exchange the coke for a milkshake concocted with real milk and real ice cream.

I dug up all this information on a recent visit to Twohey's restaurant, an icon in the Los Angeles area. As I sat down to eat lunch with my family, a picture of their original menu beckoned and prices weren't the only thing that caught my attention. I'd like to share 7 lessons I learned from that 66 year old menu.

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The Cheapest Grocery Deals Print E-mail
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Food - Groceries
Written by Ahmed Amr   
Tuesday, 01 June 2010 04:45

If you haven’t heard, there’s a grocery store war going on which makes this a great time to become a war profiteer. We’d like to suggest you get your guerrilla manuals out and engage in a layslittle hand to mouth combat. The big aggressor in this conflict is Wal-Mart. They’re claiming that price cuts on nearly 2,000 items will save the average shopper $28/Week. That works out to almost $1,500 a year and it’s a good place to start. But you don't have to head to Wal-mart to get ridiculous deals unheard of even a year ago. Target, Kroger, and Safeway are slashing their prices in response.  Here are some of the craziest deals.

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