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Written by Omie Ismail   
Wednesday, 07 April 2010 03:28
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5 Overlooked Digital Charges to Eliminate and Save $500
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Mobile Text and International Fees:

I have to admit, it took me a while to find the fees on my Verizon wireless account. By default, my account shows a summary of the fees only. Digging down however, I found one fee that I should never have been paying. For whatever reason, Verizon has been charging me a $3.99 fee for an international calling plan on each of our family lines. I found that interesting because we never make international calls from our mobile phones - that’s why we still have Vonage. So I was paying $8 a month for something of absolutely no value. Now that's us, but maybe you aren’t affected by the international charge but take a minute to check it out. It adds up to $48 per year per line.

The charge that really gets me is for a service that can be had for free. If you have a smart phone with Internet access, there really is no reason to pay for texting. You can text or instant message for free with numerous applications including mobile Skype. You may get hit with the $0.20 fee for the inbound text that you receive, but if you respond to that person with your free text account and let them know to reply to you there, you'll should save another $60 a year.

Annual Fee Savings: $50+ Each

Eliminating any one of these expenses doesn't seem like that much money.  But if you're as wired as I am, the savings can easily add up to over $500 a year. I am sure that's money that you can put to better use in your retirement account. Of course, you might have other charges that differ from mine, but a careful review of your telecom bills will usually turn up a few expenses that can be eliminated with a single phone call.

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