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12 Things We Used to Do Ourselves That We Pay for Today
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7) Childcare: 30 years ago, nobody ever heard of a Pre-K school or nannies. Most kids stayed home until Kindergarten and if their parents were really humane they’d let the kid stay home till first grade. The entrance of women into the workforce accelerated the growth of Pre-K and nannies. What’s interesting is that the subsequent exit of many women from the workforce hasn’t led to a decline in Pre-K enrollment or nanny employment. If you have a parent at home, cut some costs by keeping the kids at home and making educational play dates with friends. You might just save $5,000+ a year.

8) Car Wash: $12 a week to get your car clean? 30 years ago you’d be lucky to find a carwash that cost more than fifty cents. Do yourself a favor spend $35 on a bucket, hose, and some sponges and do like Daniel-son and wax on wax off. You’ll save $500 or more.


9) Hair Cuts: Ok, we have to admit, our moms used to break out the scissors and cut our hair. Yeah, we looked like someone put a bowl on our head but it was the seventies so there wasn’t much of a standard. But c’mon $20 hair cuts for 5 year olds and $90 for the ladies. While that’s bad, what’s with the dudes getting $45 cuts every 4 weeks. While you may not be able to cut at home, there are plenty of decent places where you can get a cut for $20. If you’re a guy, go short and get a pair of cutters.

10) Manicures (and Pedicures!): Let’s get real here, how hard is it to find a girlfriend to sit down and paint each others nails. And the guys getting manicures and pedicures, don’t get us started. 30 years ago you would have gotten laughed out of the office. Why is it that the only guys that actually need a pedicure (mechanics, construction workers, etc.) are exactly the one’s that will never get one. Save $300 or more every year.

11) Coffee: The easiest thing to make excluding toast and people fork over $4 a day for some barista to make it for them. Get yourself a nice machine and 4 or 5 flavored syrups and set the coffee maker for 6:45 in the morning. Go to a barista class if you can’t figure it out by reading the Internet. You might actually see your family for 10 minutes more each day instead of standing 10 people deep in Starbucks. $750 or more a year in savings.

12) Painting: Painting is probably one of the easiest trades to master. It’s one thing to call a plumber or an electrician - but you should at least be able to paint the interior of your house. Plenty of courses at Home Depot or other home improvement centers and if you get any good at it you might pick up some easy income for doing a few rooms for friends.

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