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Written by livecheap staff   
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 03:30
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Top 10 Things We Just Never Get Around to Fixing
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Most of us manage to accumulate an inventory of things that are broken or just don’t quite work right. The list of these little annoyances grows over time and we either learn to live with them or get them fixed. We’re not going to be judgmental and we’re leaky_faucetcertainly not going to dispense any advice on how you can fix them because, frankly, we have our own list of troubles. We just want you to commiserate with us. Here’s our list of the Top 10 Things We Just Never Get Around to Fixing.

10. The Leaky Gutter:

Perhaps it’s bent because of all the leaves you forgot to remove, but every time it rains, a ton of water ends up spilling over the edge instead of making its path to the drain pipe. We probably don’t fix it because it’s “up there” - which means fetching the ladder and clearing the gutter - and heck it only rains so often in Seattle.

9. The Old Window Air Conditioner:

That ancient 15 year old air conditioner that runs all summer long but is about as functional as a hand-held fan. Technically it’s not broken - it stills sounds like an air conditioner - but its efficiency leaves a lot to be desired and keeps your electrical bills sky high. With all the tax incentives available getting it tuned up or swapped out will probably pay for itself in the first year. But it’s such a hassle.

8. The Broken Front Step:

The mortar in the front step is so messed up that small animals use the holes for a home. Fixing it would require time and money that you just don’t have. Put aside issues of personal pride - it’s the gateway to your castle that everyone sees it when they walk up to your home - but the only real concern you should have is that small children might fall into one of the ever growing holes. Our advice, keep your insurance current and enter through the garage and you'll stretch this one out a few more years.

7. The Cracked Window:

Not quite broken, but definitely cracked and in a part of your house that few would notice. Continue ignoring it - it won’t go away but your eyes will adjust to it as a familiar and quaint detail of your surroundings. Strategic placement of a plant is also a good idea.

6. The Torn Screen Door:

The screen door seemed like a dream when you first got it. You could keep the mosquitoes out and let the cool breeze in. Unfortunately, your cat thought it was a musical instrument and started strumming away. Now it’s an eyesore but replacing it would only encourage your cat to play symphonies. The obvious solution is to keep the door closed and turn on the broken air conditioner.


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