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House - Maintenance
Written by the frugal nomad   
Friday, 30 July 2010 03:08
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You’re not alone. To a certain degree, we’re all hoarders and pack rats. You tell yourself that you’ll nevejunkr know when you need it even though you know the answer is ‘never.’ Accumulating clutter can be a very expensive habit and one that is very difficult to break.

First off, let’s look at the expense and hassle of keeping useless things around the house. Stuff takes up space. Even small objects can crowd desk drawers and kitchen cabinets. And when you’re looking for something that you actually need, you might not find it because it’s lost in the clutter. So the bad stuff ends up burying the good stuff.

Why on earth do you still have that box of 8 track tapes? Do you really think that if you managed to fix the old track player, you could stand the sound effects? Believe it or not, you can sell them on EBay. I don’t know who buys these things, they must have their reasons. The point is you don’t have a reason to keep them so let them have it and charge them a decent price for the favor of hauling it away.

About that box the TV came in. Why are you still holding onto it five years after the warranty expired? Keeping a box during the warranty period makes sense; beyond that it just takes up space. I know you’re probably keeping it to store those old eight-track tapes. Well, promise me something, once you sell the tapes on EBay, remember to get rid of the box.

Moving onto old furniture; you know what they say ‘out with the old, in with the new.’ A lot of us just never get around to the part where we’re supposed to get rid of the old couch. Donate it, take a tax break and reclaim the garage for your car.

Old clothes are another thing that a lot of people have a hard time parting with. Don’t flatter yourself or raise your expectations; sorry to be the one to break the news but you’ll never be that thin again. Besides it’s worn out and bell bottoms are out of style.

Did you ever stop to think of what they used to stuff that gigantic giraffe you ‘won’ at the country fair after spending fifty dollars learning how to shoot darts? The innards are probably made of toxic Chinese ‘toy stuffing.’ Yellow polka dotted giraffes are not worth keeping. Don’t even try to sell it on EBay. Give it a proper burial at a toxic waste facility.

Why don’t people just get rid of old college text books? You didn’t open them when you were taking the course and it’s a little late to improve your grade. Why don’t you give another kid a chance and donate them while they still have value. If you’re a recent graduate, chances are you can sell them for a decent price and pay down your student loan.

Johnny is off to college and you can’t bring yourself to part with his baby toys. The fact is most kids outgrow their plastic train sets by the time they’re twenty-something. If Johnny is really attached to his Teddy bear, he’ll take it with him when he moves to the dorms or joins the marines.

I know there are some things that have sentimental value. Fortunately, there are very few inanimate things that deserve such strong sentiments and they’re usually made of gold and silver and easy enough to recognize.

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amp  - Reality Bites! |2010-07-30 11:18:24
Yes Frugal, I inherit a very strong line toward "packrattedness" - in fact had I ever had children with my former spouse - they would have been doomed with a double genetic whammy! While I work against this gene almost every day ... I thought I would leave you with a little hoarder reality to your ten steps:

1. Some of my best shopping has been done in my closet - "I forgot I had that - cool! I can wear that to Chelsea's wedding!" My Mantra - shop in my closet first - you just never know what gems you can find - and cheap? Absolutely!

2. Of course I will use it again! Why else would I buy something like that?!

3. See number two!

4. I plan to never move! Okay - but of couse this one is probabaly the one step that I practice on a daily basis, along with "Do I really need more than one of this?"

5. Hellooooo! Have you seen the late nite channels & the weight loss aisles? Of course I am going to loose that weight - the question is, even if I lose that weight - would I be caught dead in that? ... ... ... Maybe I would live longer if I didn't lose the weight.... - - - Ok - you said "anytime soon?" define soon. And actually 25 & 50 pounds would take up to a year to lose in a healthy manner - I say we bring this one back to the table next August - okay?

6. Nah - I really don't think anyone would by my stuff - it's very catered to my style - only the garbage can would do, and I would hate to burden our garbage system with more stuff, especially if it has plenty of life left in it.

7. Since I have no kids - my nieces and nephews (poor souls) will be getting my stuff! Kidding! They are getting cash. I can't take anything with me, so might as well leave them the good stuff.

8. sort of if it applies to #6.

9. Charity donation if it is good, usable stuff, and not stuff that just missed going on the curb.

10. Yup! Freecycle on is one of my favorite sites!!!

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