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House - Maintenance
Written by The Frugal Nomad   
Friday, 18 September 2009 13:32
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I used to work with a guy who spent two years living in a trailer while building his own house.  He talked about it incessantly. On any given Friday, when everybody was thanking the good lord for the end of the obligatory five days of drudgery, he would look real sullen. Friday was the day he abandoned the luxury of a cushy office job and went home to do some real work – manual labor.

Eventually, the day came when he achieved his dream and moved into his four thousand square foot mansion. But he still remained indifferent to Fridays because Saturdays and Sundays were reserved for landscaping his two acre estate.

It’s one thing to own an estate – but if you’re the only hired hand on the ranch, it’s going to consume a lot of your spare time. I don’t care if your lawnmower comes equipped with leather seats, a surround sound stereo and air-conditioning – it’s still a lawnmower and you’re the designated driver. You’ll also have to service it and do whatever you do with the debris.      
After 15 years of living in a condo, I made the horrible mistake of buying a house that was in need of a little TLC and some cosmetic repair – or so I thought.  My wife and I ended up living in a construction zone for six months.  By the time that phase of the nightmare ended, she was my ex-wife, we had depleted our savings, maxed out our credit lines and signed up for intensive therapy sessions.

When spring came around, it was time to spend some quality time in the garden – pulling weeds, learning the difference between perennials and those other kind of plants and having arguments with my lawnmower.  And did I mention the raking, pruning and the obligatory runs to the municipal dump –which incidentally is a great place to brush up on your Spanish.


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condolover  - traveling spouse |2010-07-02 05:45:21
We used to own a beautiful big house on two city lots. More often than not it happened that when my husband left on business trips it would snow, leaving me to clear the driveway and a half block of sidewalk! Mowing lawn in summer took at least 45 minutes! (didn't have a riding mower). I finally insisted on a,love,love it!
Sleuth  - Condo Living! |2009-10-20 11:36:26
Condos are also good when people need to downsize after the children have grown up and left to start their own lives. Exterior maintenance is provided along with landscaping,snow removal as well as garbage collection. At different stages of life it can be a good choice for someone who needs to own but without all the headaches of trying to keep up a property. An owner is only responsible for the interior of the condo not the exterior.
lakeview  - Condo living is a great way to get started saving |2009-09-21 17:59:34
My brother used to live in a condo for 12 years. Its a great way to get started saving. Its got to be some where you can live for a while.
Omiewon  - Funny! |2009-09-18 13:50:07
When you have kids its like the whole world gangs up and requires you to get a house! I'm used to growing up on lots of land so sitting in a 550 square foot box like a hamster in a lab is pretty constraining. Sure made it easy to save money though and vacations were great.

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