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Written by Cheap Communicator   
Tuesday, 29 September 2009 14:00

I have been using Telecom North America (formerly 3Utel) for over 4 years. If you need to make low cost international calls especially from your cellphone, its hard to beat their rates.  Not only are their rates low, but their service is excellent. I also use them for calling from my cell phone, using a local (US) number. Once setup, you simply store the dial around  number, and than dial the international number. No phone cards to buy, no pins to remember, just speed dial and enter your international number. Here are some of their rates:

International rates from your cellphone:

Australia: 3.8 ¢
Canada: 3.8 ¢
China: 3.8 ¢
Egypt: 12.9 ¢
France: 3.8 ¢
Germany: 3.8 ¢
India: 3.8 ¢
Japan - Tokyo: 3.8 ¢
Mexico: 6.9 ¢
Peru - Lima: 3.8 ¢
United Kingdom: 3.8 ¢ checked the rates of TNA on some of the more obscure countries that our authors call to and they definitely are cheap.  For example a call to Trinidad on Verizon will set you back $.48 a minute with their plan, on TNA, a measly 11.9 cents from your cell.  That's the kind of savings we like.  Even compared to Internet Phone giant Vonage which charges up to 23 cents to call a cellphone in Trinidad, the savings are almost 50%.



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