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Six Saving Tips to reduce your Electrical and HVAC Cost
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As the cost of air conditioning equipment became more affordable, we’ve all become weather wimps. We depend on climate control technology for our very survival. Combine that with increasing electric rates and as a consequence, electricity bills have spiraled out of control. Yet there are many ways to reduce our dependence on air conditioning or at minimum reduce our electricity bills. Follow the following six recommendations and you will save 20-50% off your monthly HVAC bill.

1. Start by reducing lighting generated inside your home or workplace. As opposed to many appliances which we might use for an hour a day, lighting is constantly in use. Every Watt of energy you generate in your house will require about 0.5 Watts of AC to counteract it. Start with the lighting , each 100 Watt light bulb will consume 100 Watts plus 50 Watts in AC, for a total of 150 Watts (0.15 KwH), this can add up to over 1 KwH for seven bulbs operating at any one time.

Where ever possible change those old light bulbs to energy saving bulbs that consume 15-20 Watts and give the same amount of Lumens in lighting. That should save you as much as 80% of your lighting cost. Depending on your use, you can save $1.5-3 per day or $45-90 per month.

Select lighting fixtures that allow maximum light to be directed where you need it, and use light colored furniture, wall colors and flooring to maximize light reflection. Mirrors are also ideal for amplifying lighting.

2. It pays to purchase energy efficient appliances, and in many cases the local utility or Federal or State government will rebate part of cost. Turn off your computer, your cell phone chargers, coffee pots or any device not in use. Develop an awareness of all electrical devices in your home. For example, boil only the water you need for tea/coffee. And as LiveCheap discusses you can measure all of your energy usage with a device like a Kill A Watt.

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