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Written by livecheap staff   
Thursday, 24 December 2009 08:43
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The Best Cheap Activities for the Holidays
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Tapped out from spending all that money on holiday presents?  In need of some free or low cost ways to entertain yourself over the break?  You can start saving money now by doing these great free or cheap things over the holidays:

Cheap Holiday Things To Do

Play in the Snow:

A good chunk of the country is covered in a massive amount of snowfall with more falling as we write this.  You can moan about it or take advantage of it. You don't have to pay $70 for a ski lift ticket to enjoy it.  If you have kids, its as simple as building snowman, making angels, and getting the sleds out.

To get the kids (or adults) really going make contests for each.  Invite some friends over to make it really fun.  And make sure the hot chocolate and apple cider are ready for when they come in rosy cheeked.

Enjoy a Museum:

If you can't stand another cold day, do yourself a favor and head to a museum.  While everyone else is sitting in front of the fireplace, you'll have an uncrowded place with the perfect temperature .  If you are near a major city, line up several museums to make a day of it.  While most museums will cost you some amount of money, there are many that are free or ask for a suggested donation.

Head to the Beach:

If it sounds crazy to head to the beach during one of the coldest times of the year, you probably have never tried it.  While it might be a bit cold to be heading to the beaches near Portland, ME, much of the allure of the beach remains intact even during December.  Typically a few restaurants will remain open for locals and the sunrises and sunsets are just as brilliant as they are in the summer time.  A long walk on the beach is a great way to work off that holiday food and is perfect if you want a break from extended relatives.

Go to a Parade:

While the Grandaddy of parades is the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena to usher in the new year, there are quite a number of Holiday Parades that you can go to.  Christmas Parades are held all over the country.  Look at this list of holiday parades to see one near you.  Parades are free but the parking, depending on which city, might cost you a little.  Still, its a great way to get out and have some cheap fun.

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