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Written by Ahmed Amr   
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10 Things You Can Buy Used in Mint Condition
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Buying used isn’t for everybody, but even if you want a warranty or you like everything coming bikeout of a sealed box, you might find a few things on this list that can help you save a bundle. The reality is, we put a huge premium on buying something new when the utility from a near-new item is virtually the same.

1. Cars

There are all kinds of ways to get a near new vehicle for thousands of dollars less than new. For one thing, dealers sell their demos at huge discounts and if you're a seasoned cheapster, you'll beat them down even more. Car rental companies also turn over their fleets fairly frequently and banks have repossessed vehicle lots. There are tax auctions where you can get a nice black Cadillac that used to be owned by the Mob. And don’t forget the many individuals out there trying to unload a car they just bought for personal reasons ranging from a divorce to an estate sale. If a car has under 5,000 or 10,000 mile on the engine - it should still smell like new. And if it’s thirty percent cheaper than a new model - you should definitely consider it. Get a CarFAX report and as it's still under warranty, you'll be fine.

2. Furniture

You can get brand new furniture at a huge discount just because it has a dent or a scratch. In this economy, a lot of furniture stores have been closing down. Watch out for closeout sales. Don't think 50% of of real retail, think 70-90% in this environment and bring your own truck so they don't make it up on the delivery fees!

3. Appliances

Here again, if you can live with a little dent, it can save you a small fortune on a fridge or a stove. Here's a trick, find a dent on the side that is facing a wall and you'll save 50% or more and nobody will be the wiser when they look at your new appliance.

4. Books

Used book stores like Half Price Books offer a very wide selection of books that have never been read by the previous owner. Want more ways to save on books, check out 12 Ways to Buy Books Cheaply.

5. Bicycles

There are two things about these two wheeled wonders. People buy them and don’t use them and real cyclers take very good care of their bikes. So, when you’re buying them used - they’re virtually the same product you get in a store. Seriously, probably half the people that buy one of those fancy road bikes or mountain bikes got it from their significant other with the hope that they would pedal the pounds away. More often than not, it just collected dust.

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