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Black Friday: Top 5 HDTV Deals (Updated)
#4: Samsung 46B750
#3 Samsung B6000 LED
#2 Panasonic Plasma G?
#1 Samsung LN46B640
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If you have been waiting for a fantastic deal on an HDTV, wait no more. There are incredible deals on and before Black Friday. Best of all, you don’t need get up at 3am to snag many of these deals. LiveCheap looked at many of the major retailers and analyzed their 46 inch HDTV offerings, the most popular size, that is offering the best price performance. We only chose high quality sets from manufacturers like Samsung, Panasonic, and Sony since we believe in quality first, price second. These are amazingly cheap deals on 4 or 5 star HDTVs. Expect to pay from $800 to $1,600 for a great set that will last you years.  Notably absent from this list is which actually raised prices on some sets for Black Friday!  Savvy buyers have no worries as there are plenty of other retailers sell them HDTVs cheaply.  Ranked in reverse order they are:



5. Sony Bravia: Walmart: 46 inch Sony Bravia KDL46S504 $798

A solid entry level TV from Sony’s S Series. Walmart goes with the hard-to-find S504 model instead of the more popular S5100 model which is virtually identical. S5100 best price is around $999, so Black Friday savings are about $200. Decent entry level TV at a fantastic price. There are better quality sets, but at under $800, this one is a bargain that deserves a place on the list.


Walmart's Black Friday 30 Page Ad - Deal is on Page 1


4. Samsung: Abe's of Maine LN 46B750 240 Hz 46 Inch - $1,378.18

Free shipping and free wall mount!

One of the best LCD HDTVs on the market $1378.18 with a free wall mount and free shipping. Over $150 less than current price. Without the sales tax and with free shipping and the free mount, this is a heck of a great deal for a higher-end 240 Hz set. Abe's is a solid retailer that has been around for decades.


LN46B750 46" LCD TV - 46" - ATSC - NTSC - 16:9 - 1920 x 1080 - Surround - HDTV - 1080p

3. Samsung: Best Buy/ Abe's UN46B6000VF 120Hz LED LCD - $1599.99 / $1,588.18

If you want LED technology at an affordable price, you can't beat Best Buy's Doorbuster deal for the Samsung UN46B6000. Unless of course, you are Abe's of Maine. With better picture than a regular LCD, these sets will make watching TV pure enjoyment. Savings are about $150 off the normal Best Buy price. With free delivery, setup, and recycling of the old set, it makes up for those who have to pay sales tax. Abe's beats out Best Buy by a hair with a price that is $12 less and no tax. Two good choices!


Link to Best Buy's Doorbuster Deals

Link to UN46B6000 at Abe's of Maine

2. Panasonic: BuyDig VieraG10 46 inch Plasma - $1,079 actually RAISED prices for the G10 for Black Friday.  Not the only item that Amazon did this on. BuyDig however, has a better price on the G10. If you watch movies, the G Series is far superior to LCDs although you will pay for it with higher electricity usage. If you prefer plasma, this one is a great set.


Panasonic VIERA G10 Series TC-P46G10 46-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV

1. Samsung: Best Buy 46 inch Samsung LN46B640 120Hz $999 - Door Buster

Best Buy's second showing on our top 5 list with an impressive price. This is a very good mid level TV that will make nearly everyone happy. A sub $1,000 120 Hz LCD HDTV that is well rated. $200 less than the normal Best Buy price. To make up for those who have to pay sales tax, Best Buy is giving free delivery, setup, and recycling of old TVs. The combination of high quality, features, and low price make this deal our HDTV deal of the Season. Shop online starting Thanksgiving or head to the store and get a ticket starting at 3AM (ouch!). This HDTV might make showing up worth it.


Link to Best Buy's Doorbuster Deals

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