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Written by livecheap staff   
Monday, 30 November 2009 10:53

In years past, Cyber Monday represented the ultimate day for online shopping where incredible deals could be had. And this year...honestly, it's pretty weak. While there are some stores like Best Buy that have some pretty good deals, (for instance the Garmin nuvi 255WT for $135, now $130).

On Friday, and most of last week, there were some amazing deals to be had with Walmart and Amazon battling it out in an all out price war. $2 DVDs and $8 Blu-rays are normally unheard of for good titles, but there was plenty to choose from. Today, the best you can get is $5 for a DVD on Amazon and $10 - $15 Blu-rays.

Some of the HDTV and Blu-ray deals were truly impressive as we noted in our Black Friday Top 5 HDTV and Blu-ray articles. Walmart has a couple really well priced HDTVs but again, they are on low end models. The best of them is probably a 40 inch Sony Bravia for $648.

Perhaps the lack of deals is due to these online retail powerhouse's strong sales last week. Retailers become increasingly focused on profit once they know they have their revenue numbers in hand. That may have started even before Black Friday for

Unlike Walmart which had a 30 plus page document that needed to be honored, only gave a few hours notice of their prices. Take this example for instance, on Amazon's Deal calendar, they advertised, a Panasonic VIERA G10 46" HDTV for Friday with the price to be revealed just the night before. At the time, that model was selling for $1,067 on so it would have been logical to think they were going to lower the price to the sub $1,000 level. This is the high-end of Panasonic and would have represented a great deal for Black Friday.

Instead the price INCREASED to $1,149 and was touted as a Daily Deal. Anyone who bought that HDTV on Black Friday was suckered into thinking they got a deal. Another example: Garmin nüvi 260W was $120 during Black Friday week but $115 on Saturday.

Probably the biggest issue that exists with most of the deals on Cyber Monday is that so many of them are on things that people likely don't need. And on the products that people would use, they tend to be lower quality. So you get a great price, but its a very expensive purchase in the long haul.

And for those of you looking for a real deal, start with what you really want and track prices each day. Between now and Christmas, you'll find a day where someone slashes the price enough to make it a great deal on what you really want. And of course, you might want to think whether you really need it anyways.






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