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Written by livecheap staff   
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The 5 Best Coupon Sites on the Internet
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CouponsRule #1 of Living Cheap is Never Pay Retail. If you are shopping on the Internet, there are almost always discounts to be had if you know where to look. These 5 websites are the best places to get coupons for Internet purchases. Before you buy anything online, you should visit them, grab a coupon code and cut down the price by ten or twenty percent.

A few years ago, RetailMeNot took the coupon world by storm by smartly crowdsourcing its coupons and getting users to report whether they worked or not. A common weakness of many coupons sites is coupons that were expired or never worked in the first place. RetailMeNot's tracks the feedback from their users and works out a rating system that gives you a guide on how reliable a coupon is. With solid technology and good SEO, RetailMeNot quickly landed in the top 3 of almost any Google coupon search.

Pros: Huge selection of merchants and numerous coupons available for each.

Cons: Crowdsource model sometimes results in unreliable coupons especially if they are new. There are tons of unreliable coupons that really should just be removed.

CouponCabin has recently improved the interface that gives users the ability to determine whether coupons have recently worked. It also comes with a very good merchant search with popular retail outlets showing up quickly. Also the success of coupons is shown as a green up bar and a red down bar over time. The coupons selection is very good but in our comparisons, there seem to be more coupons on RetailMeNot. In addition, older coupons seem to stick around even when they obviously are not working any longer. However, CouponCabin's excellent interface allows you quickly to ignore those coupons.

Pros: Very large selection of coupons, fewer "not working" ever coupons.

Cons: Aged coupons sticking around. Many "discount links" that are not really coupons, just normal deals available without a coupon.

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Coupon Codes  - Coupons for India |2012-04-09 03:30:11
Really useful list for shoppers
Thanks for sharing and saving people money
but for indian coupons website
Chris  - I love to use coupons |2011-09-29 02:47:26
Thanks for sharing a great coupon offering sites I am in search of these site and finally got it. Before visiting here I get coupons from
Couponsman  - I love Coupons |2011-08-02 06:29:08
Nice list, I used some of these sites before. But Now I use , its really simple and easy to find the store you are looking for and list of coupons.
Samantha  - I love Coupons |2011-07-13 02:43:08
I really liked your post. Because it is very help for coupon lovers. I introduce with some new site which I don't use but now I've bookmarked them. I am very thankful to you.
techboomie  - I use printable coupons from http://www.dealsoff.c |2011-06-24 22:43:09
Great article here. I for printable coupons, coupon codes, and grocery coupons
Mayor of Humbleville  - Humbleville Loves Coupons! |2011-05-19 10:09:08
Retail Me Not is absolutely my favorite coupon code site... It's well organized, has all the online stores I like, and usually the coupons work! I love your website banner by the way! Thanks for the read,
Humbly Yours,
Humble Laura
Coupon Codes  - free coupon codes |2011-01-30 03:44:10
i have used RMN and a new one that is showing signs of a good coupon site is they have a lot of new coupons i saved $20 on my Hosting purchase
webshopper  - Frugal District |2011-01-17 23:15:07
I use I've always found what I need. I like the fact that they are smaller than the others and it makes it easier to find what you are looking for.
RC  - Retailmenot Opt out |2010-12-26 16:15:24
The Achilles heel of retailmenot is that they allow merchants to opt-out. So as they have become more and more popular, more and more merchants have asked to be blocked, in fact usually those who use coupon codes the most. Others use retailmenot directly (with or without paying the site operators), advertising small deals to direct traffic to their sites. It's becomming a game in itself. Soon you'll need another site to sort through the junk, and include codes from those who opted out.
Dan  - Awesome! |2010-12-06 16:07:24
Love the site it's one of my favorite. It was actually sold this December so I hope it even gets better. I also like the site for lots of coupon codes. It's a slightly different take on the coupon site business model. It's a coupon code search engine with lots of extra features.
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