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Written by livecheap staff   
Wednesday, 21 April 2010 02:44

Avatar: The highest grossing movie in human history will be released tomorrow just in time for Earth Day. No self-respecting Sci-fi buff would be caught dead without an Avatar DVD in his collection. So where can you buy the DVD or BAvatarlu-ray for the lowest possible price? Walmart? Not even close! Amazon? Closer, especially after you factor in what you'll be saving the sales tax. But we found an even cheaper option and we want to share our discovery with our earthly brethren. We looked at a myriad of retailers to get you the lowest price possible on Avatar DVD and Blu-ray.

Just an aside - if you think you can just go online and rent it, be prepared to be sorely dissapointed if you use Netflix or Redbox. Just try explaining to your kids that they'll have to wait a minimum of 28 days before you get it in the mail.


The delay is part of a recent agreement reached between the movie studios and Netflix that swaps delayed releases for wider streaming availability. The studios realized that they were losing DVD sales as Netflix and Redbox's popularity grew.  Of course, if your local Blockbuster hasn't closed yet, you can alway head down and see if they have it stock.

Here's our list of the 5 cheapest major stores:

Kroger/Ralph's: $11.99 DVD / $24.99 Blu-ray with purchase of $5 worth of stuff

The mega grocer Kroger which includes Ralph's, gets the DVD cost down to a mere $11.99. What's the catch? Well, to get that price, you need to buy a 2 liter Coke, 3 Pack of Pop Secret popcorn, and a bag of Wonka Gummi Bears. So basically for getting $5 worth of movie watching junk food, you get the DVD at $5 off the lowest price elsewhere. When you factor in the nutritional value of that stuff - that's not a bad deal. I'll admit that celebrating Earth Day with junkfood is treasonous and will break your New Year's Resolution. But we all have to make our choices and five bucks is five bucks. Take me to the gallows.$15.99 DVD / $19.99 Blu-ray

If you have Amazon Prime, you can pre-order Avatar and have it delivered on the release day. For those ordering now, you'll need to choose overnight delivery which will add the cost of shipping. Amazon's Blu-ray price is the best deal out there and combined with the savings on sales tax collection, you'll save a few bucks versus the others. Buy it now at Amazon for $15.99 or $19.99! $15.99 DVD / $19.99 Blu-ray

Target matches Amazon's prices but it does collect sales tax. A great price for local pick-up if you want the Blu-ray. But if you're going to do a pick-up, Best Buy beats Target for both formats.


Best Buy: $15.99 DVD / $22.99 Blu-ray

Best Buy matches Amazon's low price on the DVD but charges $3 more for the Blu-ray. For those looking to snag a copy without the wait, it's a solid choice for the DVD especially if you have Best Buy Rewards.


Walmart: $16.98 DVD / $24.96 Blu-ray

Every Walmart is giving away an Avatar 3D Sticker to the first 50 people that show up - starting at 12:01AM. If you happen to be near Walmart at midnight, this might make sense for the DVD.  It's a little creepy to be crawling around Walmart at midnight, but I bet it's much easier to navigate the ailes


So there you have it.  Avatar for a dirt cheap price.  If you don't have to explain a 28 day delay to the little darlings, you can go for the cheapest option and wait till it's available for rent. But by the time you get it, I will already have watched it 28 times.


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