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Written by Livecheap Staff   
Wednesday, 30 September 2009 20:06 has great prices but they seldom have coupons on the major things they sell unlike most other online retailers.  Search for a coupon code, and you'll be disappointed.  But if you are looking to buy a big ticket item, you're likely to get the best deal on Amazon.  Why?  Well the big difference is that you won't pay sales taxes and you probably won't pay shipping.  On a HDTV that could be a $200 difference.  But if you are looking to save another $75 to $100, try this little secret trick that one of our users tipped us off to.

1) Create a new account.  Just use another email address and create the account.  In the users case, he just used his wife's name.

2) Find a product from the same manufacturer as the big ticket item that you want to get.  In his case, he wanted a Samsung HDTV and so he found a Samsung Blu Ray player.

3) Scroll way down the page till you see a checkbox that says, "I own it" check it.  The key here is that this is a new account so Amazon doesn't know anything about you except that you own 1 product.

4) Next head to the Goldbox offers.  You may have to wait a couple days, but in the Goldbox will start showing up products with the same name brand.  In this case, the Amazon engine knows you have a Samsung Blu Ray player so it will eventually suggest the perfect compliment, a Samsung HDTV.

5) The minimum discount in the Goldbox is 5%, which isn't a lot for a normal item, but for an HDTV or even a $500 receiver, its enough to go through the hassle.

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