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Written by Omie Ismail   
Friday, 02 October 2009 16:57
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Electronics: Snagging a Deal at the End of Its Lifecycle
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Most electronic equipment today has a very short shelf life, anywhere from 3 months for some computer models to a year at most.  Once an item gets replaced, it's your golden opportunity to get a ridiculous deal.  Think about it, if you are buying an HDTV that is going to last you 8 to 12 years, does it really matter that you bought it at the tail end of its cycle.  Once a new model hits the showroom floor, the old models are put on fire sale for bargain hunters.

Many manufacturers and retailers have no choice but to cut prices or pass their inventory to an auction.  Sometimes there is perfectly good merchandise but it comes in an "open box" or with some cosmetic damage.  One of the best ways I know to pick up dirt cheap electronics is by looking for auctions from the retailers themselves.

For instance, Best Buy auctions many of their "leftovers" through Overstock Auctions.  The merchandise ranges from damaged to completely new in the box with full warranty.  Looking for a Samsung 22 inch widescreen monitor?  You could pay $180 at to buy one new or you could snag one for about $80 that's missing a monitor cable at  You probably already have the cable.  Typically, at any given time, the auction item has just been discontinued but in reality is nearly identical to the newer model.

Same thing goes from digital cameras where you can pick one up as low as $10 plus shipping.  A good strategy on cameras is to get a second one that you already have.  Typically the biggest discount goes to the cameras without chargers.  If you have a similar model, you will already have the charger.  If you have kids that always want to snap photos with your $250 digital camera, you can let them destroy the $10 model or drop it into the water when they are taking pictures of Niagara Falls.


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