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Want to take a luxury trip on the cheap, we show you how to do it.

6 Steps to Getting a Cheap Hotel Room Print E-mail
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Travel - Hotels
Written by livecheap staff   

Lets face it, getting a cheap hotel room isn’t that hard anymore. Used to be a time where you would call up your travel agent and they would look at their screens and quote you a price. You didn’t have any idea of whether this was the best price, but trusted that your travel agent was good enough to get you a decent rate.

Then the Internet arrived: Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity and their blind bidding counterparts Priceline and Hotwire. Pretty quickly anyone who was Internet savvy could check a few sites and do comparison shopping and book a hotel. Travel agents everywhere started going out of business as more consumers hit their web browsers to do their travel.

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Discount Travel Tips Print E-mail
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Travel - Getting There
Written by the frugal nomad   

One thing I always look for when plotting my next voyage is flexibility.  Even with forty years of bora_boratravelling behind me, I’m still learning a few tricks as I go along. Over this last summer, I learned a few new ways to keep travel expenses low and still retain some flexibility. Here's a few discount travel tips that I hope will help you when flying or booking a hotel.

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6 Steps to Maximizing Your Frequent Flyer Miles Print E-mail
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Travel - Getting There
Written by HVAC Doc   

I normally don’t recommend using credit cards, but if you have the discipline to use them only to buy the essentials and pay them off each month, then they are a great way to get free airline tickets. But maximizing airline mileage is critically important. These 6 points give you the basics on how to maximize your earnings.

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National Parks Offer Free Entrance August 14 - 15

All National Parks in the U.S. are offering free admission this weekend.

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Travel Cheap - Travel Young Print E-mail
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Travel - Vacations
Written by The Frugal Nomad   
Any financial advisor worth his salt will recommend that you start saving and investing early in life. The same goes for travelling; start saving your memories early on. Over the course of a lifetime, the surest way to control your travel overhead is to take as many trips as you can while you’re young, single and unencumbered with a mortgage payment, rent or kids. Sell your car, pack your stuff and leave it with the folks or put it in storage. Whatever you manage to save on unnecessary expenses on the home front leaves you with additional funds to finance your journey abroad.
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