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6 Steps to Getting a Cheap Hotel Room
Make Sure Its a Good Hotel
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Hotel Direct Deals
Pick Up the Phone
Walk Up Rate
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Lets face it, getting a cheap hotel room isn’t that hard anymore. Used to be a time where you would call up your travel agent and they would look at their screens and quote you a price. You didn’t have any idea of whether this was the best price, but trusted that your travel agent was good enough to get you a decent rate.

Then the Internet arrived: Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity and their blind bidding counterparts Priceline and Hotwire. Pretty quickly anyone who was Internet savvy could check a few sites and do comparison shopping and book a hotel. Travel agents everywhere started going out of business as more consumers hit their web browsers to do their travel.

Generally speaking if you price check a couple of the major sites, you will get a decent rate, but of course, at, we can do better, we want to make sure that you get a great hotel that you love for a rock-bottom price. Here 6 Steps that will help you get the best total price for your hotel room.

1) If you don’t care about the hotel brand or user ratings, but only what quality rating (4 stars, 3 stars, etc.), read’s Priceline: How to Snag a Luxury Hotel on the Cheap after reading the rest of this article. You’ll get a lower price than going through the traditional channels…if you master how to bid on Every time I visit San Diego, I Priceline it and I always end up at the Omni for under $90 a night.

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