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Travel - Getting There
Written by Karl Wolf   
Friday, 02 October 2009 13:33
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Travel Add Ons: Enough Already!
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If there is one thing that gets my goat, it's those ubiquitous credit card marketing reps that are constantly pestering you everytime you walk through an airport or stroll through a mall.

Now I'm scratching another irritant - it's what the onlnine travel companies are trying to do. To get an idea of why I'm blowing steam out of my ears - go to Orbitz. Get a price quote for any flight that you might want to take.

I don't care where you want to go, just go ahead and follow the standard procedure like you're really going somewhere. Pick a place - any place. Well if you did what I was saying, you end up getting a screen like this:


As you can see, instead of just letting me buy my ticket, they now want me to get a hotel room from about 10 different hotels. You can see the first one is the Wynham OHare. So I scroll down the 10 hotels and click where it says, "Continue booking your flight only" in the hope that they're done tormenting me.

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KC Lowlife  - I agree mostly |2009-11-21 13:07:17
I too hate all the attempts to add on during the purchase process. If they MUST do something like that, then they could do it like Amazon. On the last page, deliver up some of these offers and if I'm interested, I can explore the options.

I also agree with you about the carbon offsets but only because there's no real proof that the offset companies are doing anything with the money. Just planting a few trees at home isn't quite as practical because trees take up a lot of space when they're mature and a lot of people don't have the space to plant them. Sure they could donate a few to their local park but charity like that takes a fair bit of time to locate a local charity, cut em the check, etc.

Also, some enormous old trees can pull in a lot more carbon than a young tree. So it may make more sense to pay a small village in South American to not burn a forest than to try to re-establish one in America.

So, I like the ideas of offsets...I just don't support the current ones.
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