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Thanks for visiting.  Want to know what can do for you? 
For starters:

checkmark Reduce Your Costs: Help you to significantly cut down the cost of whatever lifestyle you choose to live.  We are about living the good life cheaply, not scrimping to get by.

checkmark Enhance Your Financial Literacy by helping you develop the critical skills to make rational and sensible economic decisions.  Whether you are buying a house, investing, or going to college, we help you make the best choice.

checkmark Provoke You with advice that bucks the conventional wisdom but endures the test of time.  Much of the advice that's out there comes from those who stand to profit from it. Our goal is to give you advice tailored to your personal economic realities.

checkmark Provide You With A Forum to  meet and exchange views with like minded consumers who take pride in living with in their means. If you're not shy about living cheap, this is the place where you will find fellow travelers.  Meet scores of like-minded Cheapsters that are going through the same struggles and challenges that you might be going through. We're Cheap and We're Proud.

checkmark Help you Become Cheaper and Happier: It is a core belief of ours, if you become cheap enough, you'll be heading to an island of serenity and prosperity.  If you are stressed out over your debt burdens or living on a fixed income or live with fear of running out of money if you lose your job, we'll do our very best to guide you out of your financial quagmire.

checkmark Make You Laugh: What's life without a good laugh everyday?  Not all of our content is serious, some is posted just to give you a good laugh.  Some of our writers are decent professional cheapsters but we have a couple who sneaked in the back door just to poke fun at both the cheapsters and the conspicous consumption crowd. We've already notified security.


So whether you're just out to stretch your dollar or are about to make a major life decision like buying a house, you won't regret making us your first destination. You'll almost certainly walk away with something new to think about.

If you're already a confirmed cheapster, help us get the word out. Tell a friend or a close relative who needs to get their financial house in order. Or send us a little bit of your sage advice. We're always on the lookout for fellow travelers.

Getting Started:

Registration: Registration at is free and we respect your privacy.  With registration, you get access to all of our content, including our personal finance section and LiveCheap University, and you can connect with other like-minded cheapsters.

Some of our Content to Get You Started:

coinbullet Living Cheap: A Guide for Beginners:  If you want to become cheap or get cheaper than you already are, this guide is a great place to start.  It's written by our CEO and will give you all the motivation you need to get cheaper starting right now.  It will also point you to the five essential rules of living cheap.

coinbullet You're Not as Rich as You Think You Are:  Maybe you are doing pretty well and don't think that you really need to be that cheap.  Read this article and you might revisit your assumptions.

coinbullet The Terrible Economics of Dual Income:  If you are part of a dual income family, this is a must read for you.  It will give you one more reason why you should be cheap and reduce your stress.

coinbullet The Only Good Debt in Town: Don't be fooled by those who tell you that sometimes debt is good.  There are very few instances of good debt and this article gives it to you straight.


We hope you join us in our quest to live the good life cheaply!

The Team

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